5-low-budget romantic date ideas to implement in Nairobi

We may not admit it but nowadays people tend to pay to be in a relationship. People who are in new relationships especially the “boy children” tend to spend a lot of money in the bid of impressing the girl-child. I am not saying it is a bad thing to do, but I believe there are other cost-effective ways to impress a lady. In some events, it is even more effective than the expensive dates. If you carefully listen Sia’s “cheap thrills” you will understand that sometimes we just need very simple things to be happy. You do not need big money or luxurious car to be truly happy with your lady. However, this does not mean that you should not spend big on your lady. If you have money and want to spend then why not?

Nairobi is a city known for its enterprising spirit and you can definitely win some points by thinking outside the box when planning for romantic dates. Here are some of the most exciting and low-budget ways in which you can spend time with that special person.

Ice Skating in Panari

Whether you are a seasoned skater or just a beginner, Panari offers a great experience to those people who want to make new memories. Well, I won’t promise that you won’t fall on your bum but what I guarantee is that it is a really nice experience for both of you. The rates they charged there are relatively cheap and you can visit anytime. For more information you can check their site:  Panari Hotel Ice Rink

Travelstart Domestic

   Go- Karting

If you are an adrenaline junkie and you want to experience something which is more fast-paced then you need to head over to GP-Karting track at Wilson Airport.  You and your special one will be able to get the opportunity to showcase your driving skills and even compete to see who is the better driver. You can check their rates here: Read more about GP karting at Langata

Hiking in the Ngong Hills

You must have probably heard of the iconic Ngong Hills.  Well, it is one of the best destinations for hikers and most importantly it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of Nairobi. Perhaps, you can set aside one of the weekends to savor the specific treat of hiking in one of these beautiful hills:  Find out more about Ngong Hills

Take a visit to the Kuona Trust Center

Are you one of those classy individuals who like art? Kuona Trust center allows you to impress your date by showing off your cultural side.  It is located in Kilimani area and it comprises of various contemporary Kenyan art as well as the workspace and a gallery for local artists. Here is the link to Facebook page: You can check their Facebook page here

Picnic at Karura

Karura forest conservancy provides a serene and cool environment which is just perfect for you to have a good time with your date.  Furthermore, Karura forest is a great place to go trail biking or you can take a long walk to wind the week. Friends of Karura Organization

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